Let us tell you ours.

A Focus on Quality

It all started with the need for something better. Our founder and CEO conceived the idea for Condition One while deployed as a US Marine. After eating Multiple chalky protein and energy bars that were unable to sustain him under the rigorous conditions of a Combat zone, he realizes there had to be a better way. Unimpressed with the over-processed and mass-produced sports bars that the wellness industry had been churning out, Condition One endeavors to create the unmistakable wholesome goodness an of a freshly baked alternative. Time-tested evidence dictated that real food was still the best fuel for the body, pointing C1 to the most primal sources of organic ingredients. Masterfully constructing the best digesting proteins, slowest burning carbohydrates, held together by the most sensible fats has revealed a breakthrough in our expectations and the community since our launch in Spring 2015​.



Founder Matt and US Marine is deployed to Africa, “I Saw the need, first hand, for a nutritious meal replacement. The idea of Condition One was conceived.


Developed the Condition One bar with Naval Special warfare nutritionist. Matt began baking bars in his kitchen to send to friends in Afghanistan and feedback was outstanding.


Condition One Nutrition Inc. is created.


Condition One begins its first year of sales manufacturing in a small Brooklyn bakery making 500 bars per week by hand, selling online only and directly to customers.


Condition One sells directly to NFL team, elite special operations personnel and coin the phrase: "Order-Bake-Ship." It starts selling freshly produce meal bars nationwide. And a Condition One athlete takes first place in a 140-mile ultramarathon, eating only Condition One bars, validating its performance claims.


Condition One begins selling in gyms and other retail outlets. They close a seed round of funding and scales its Order-Bake-Ship Process to service increasing nationwide demand without a reduction in quality.


Organized a salesforce of 8 veteran sales reps.


We strive to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. It's our honor to partner with the nonprofits and organizations whose mission aligns with the Condition One Vision. Join us and make a difference!