Our Story

Six years ago, at 23:00 hours in Mozambique, the concept for Condition One was conceived by US Marine SGT Matthew Demaio. Napoleon Bonaparte coined the phrase "An army marches on its stomach." This truth became a daily revelation as Demaio rucked countless hours through the war-torn countryside of Africa on sub-par rations. The practicality of the military MRE was simply not in sync with the needs of the operators.  Freedom Fighters have long relied on multiple sources to supply optimum ratios of the nutrients required to perform over extended periods of time. Accessing adequate protein, fats, and carbohydrates on the go was a problem this SGT set out to solve.  Four years of research and development comprising the simplest most complete whole food ingredients essential to fueling a War Fighter indefinitely has been birthed from necessity and perfected through diligence. Unimpressed with the over processed and mass-produced sports bars that the wellness industry had been churning out, Condition One endeavors to recreate the unmistakable wholesome goodness of a freshly baked alternative. Time tested evidence dictated that real food was still the best fuel for the body, pointing Demaio to the most primal sources of organic ingredients. Masterfully constructing the best digesting proteins, slowest burning carbohydrates, held together by the most sensible fats has revealed a breakthrough exceeding the expectations of the creator and the athlete community since its launch in spring 2015. Delivering nationwide, Condition One is making believers of Veteran athletes and discriminating novice consumers alike. Utilizing a novel "Order. Bake. Ship." approach ensures C1 customers receive the highest caliber, small batch, package nobody else can offer.  It's a creative dedication to uncompromising excellence that has moved the Condition One Enterprise from squad leader to industry leader.