This Kansas City born athlete, turned world traveler and Veteran Icon, is nothing short of a human highlight reel! Rudy Reyes' resume of achievements is as extensive as the day is long. From a young International Martial Arts champion to United States Recon Marine, television and film actor, to fitness pioneer, Rudy reserves the right to be judicious with every set, rep, and nutritious advantage he employs. Pursuing a lifestyle of perpetual progress, the fuel required to accomplish all that this philanthropic phenom does each and every 24 hours is met in the Condition One Meal Bar. Rudy's keen understanding of input to output ratios has him casting aside food fads and "diet tricks", sticking to tried and true sensible nutrition. The calories required to make it through his arduous travel schedule and torturous workouts are met in the optimum balance for a true athlete of his caliber. Rudy is truly the standard bearer for athletic innovation, and trusts Condition One as a non- negotiable component to his continued success.

"As a former Special Forces Operator, I embody the mind set of readiness, and as someone that is constantly on the go traveling, I use Condition One to supplement my meals, in the field or post workout. Nothing has come close to nutritional density of these bars!"

Rudy Reyes

Meredith Burns is as original with her hustle as Van Gogh ever was with a paintbrush. This Warrior, Mother, Athlete continues to break barriers and set standards for fitness thanks to an unshakable work ethic and innate resilience. Her Navy training has provided a perspective that she lovingly shares through a standard of excellence and a no bullshit approach to whatever challenge dares to present itself. A discriminating taste for the very best life has to offer has the industry's top brands seeking HER to represent their products and services. True to herself, she has aligned herself with what SHE deems to be the BEST for her in her ventures. Having tasted the Condition One, fresh baked meal bar, she was sold on the rich flavor that is unheard of in the sports supplement world. Upon further investigation, she found that it was the missing puzzle piece to her training and nutrition program , allowing her to recover from the arduous (sometimes marathon) sessions. Her understanding of her body, and the importance of real food being the source for progressing from week to week, has her turning a deaf ear to those that would question the carbohydrate profile found in something so "simple". Being a no frills NPC Physique Champion, she affords herself the ability to defy the masses, applying sound strategy and leaving her peers wondering how she makes it all look so easy. Her Son remains a constant light and motivation as she provides purpose, direction, and motivation to single mothers across the globe. Condition One delivers on its promise to her, through its "order-bake-ship" system to meet her needs without taking a moment more of her precious time.

If you guys aren't following @phoenixrunning you should be. This young hard charging Veteran just took 1st place in the Trans Pecos Ultra marathon. A 163 mile race! While we certainly can't take credit for his victory we are proud to say his only choice of fuel for the entire race were Condition One, mission performance bars. It's an honor to have such incredible athletes relying on us, and using our product! Thank you for the shout out brother!

"Condition One bars the only bar I've ever found so well rounded & tasty it can fuel me 163 miles across the desert and still be what I'm reaching for while recovering at home 2 days post race. I run like a beast, throw down in the cross fit box, I'm on the go for business and racing nonstop and this is the fuel that gets me thru. If you haven't tasted these bars one order and you will be a believer"

Thomas Karlick

In the spirit of a modern day J. J. Braddock, this Freedom Fighter continues to scratch and claw his way to top honors in the War on Terror. Philip Dore has become the model standard bearer with a less than model citizen background. Forever shedding his bad boy image, Phil has persevered through years of bulldogging through nearly every continent the US Army would drag him across. This former New Jersey youth slugger is a proverbial “red liner”. He simply is not capable of not going full tilt on anything he’s tackling. Years down range have tested more than his mettle, so he trusts Condition One to deliver the nutritional requirements that can both fuel, and help recover, from the intense thrash sessions that have become his “norm”. To be a lifetime all-star is one thing, but to bounce back from a motor vehicle crash that breaks his femur and takes 19 staples to put his head back together, just to get back on top of his game, is no small feat. The highly decorated lead slinger powers through practical workouts on the go, as he travels for training and appearances for his sponsors. Carrying his stature requires him to be more judicious with his calorie intake, and he relies on Condition One’s fresh baked meal replacement bars to satisfy not only his hunger, but everything he requires from objective to objective. Condition One.

Being a multi-sport athlete growing up to competing in Bodybuilding & Crossfit competitions, makes it clear fitness has been a huge part of my life. In 2012, while preparing for my first women’s Physique Bodybuilding Competition, I learned how important Nutrition truly is for your well being & performance in all aspects of life! After 3 bodybuilding shows, the crash dieting, imbalance, and crazy weight gain post show quickly had me realize this is not healthy nor is this any type of balance. I need balance. That is when I discovered the “IIFYM lifestyle approach” and never looked back! This is truly a lifestyle, not a diet! The lifestyle aspect is what allows you to succeed!

As my love for Health & Fitness grew, I took the next steps and became a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, as well as achieved my L-1 & Personal Training Certifications. I am also currently in the process of completing my Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist certification.

My passion to change people’s lives are what sets me apart. I am able to provide flexible dieting options based off of your body type, goals, and activity level. This is why I enjoy Condition One meal bars so much! Not only are they filling, but knowing they are all freshly made with pure ingredients gives me the confidence to pass these bars along to my friends, family, and clients!

Putting a smile on someone’s face, helping them achieve and conquer their goals, is extremely rewarding knowing I can change and create a positive impact on their life!