By joining our ambassador program (sign-up link here) you agree to the following terms and conditions.



Our program is run through a third party app called (from here will be referred to as App). By using our ambassador program you agree to all terms & conditions of as well as all terms & conditions of Condition One Nutrition Inc. (from here on will be referred to as C1).

Your email will be shared with our email client (Klaviyo) and added to a mailing list specifically for Ambassadors. By signing up you are agreeing to be added to this mailing list and receive emails from C1. This will allow us to update you of any changes to the ambassador program.



When signed up through the App you will receive a unique referral link as well as a discount code. Referral links will plant a cookie for 30 days and you will receive commissions on customers who made a purchase through your link within 30 days. You will also receive a commission on purchases made with your discount code.

Commissions are paid out automatically after 45 days from the customer's order through PayPal. Commissions are not paid out on any orders that have been refunded or unfulfilled.

Please signup to the program with an email setup with PayPal so you can receive payments, if you don't you will not receive payment. If commissions can't be complete automatically by the App due to you not providing an active PayPal email address, C1 is not responsible for paying out the commissions.

Commissions will only be paid for sales which are tracked through the App using your referral link or discount code. If the sale is not tracked through the App then you will not receive a commission on that sale.

Commission rates are shown when signing up. Commission rates are subject to change without notice from C1.



Any abuse of the program, your referral link, or discount code will result in the revoking of your ambassador status as well as any unpaid commissions. scans coupon sites hourly for ambassador codes. If your code is detected on any coupon sites your account will be revoked as mentioned above.