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Great job!

Bars have a fresh taste! Great to have before an early morning walk with my dogs.

Sample pack.

Surprised me. These are very good. Glad I found them

8 Bar Variety Pack
raymond bareng

These things are amazing on the go and after workouts, I tried the variety pack and to be honest, lean towards the chocolate coconut almond. The brownie like texture and the coconut have this magical mix which satisfies both my cravings for food and my horrible sweet tooth. 10 outta 10, will definitely order again.

Great taste

The first protein bar that I finally like eating

Good but not my favorite

The bars are always fresh and high quality but not my favorite flavor combination.


Love the bars!

Meets my macros!

These are my favorite bar they make…the other ones are delicious too, but these take the cake! They help me meet my macros and keep my satisfied, especially helps when I’m running out the door in the morning and can’t sit down to breakfast!

Powerfully packed protein bar

This protein bar has everything you need & more. Taste’s delicious.

Tasty and Effective

Excellent Taste and have been great for fueling my workouts. I eat one about 30 minutes prior and have sustained energy to make it thru my 90 minute routines.

These are the best bars!!!

I’ve tried so many different nutrition bars over the years. C1 nutrition bars are, by far, the best I’ve ever had! You folks have got a customer for life!!!

Tangy & Sweet Macros

The Cranberry Orange bar is not too sweet and just the right amount of tangy. Perfect combo!

Sample Pack

Saw these on FB and looked interesting. I strive to eat clean and like good tasting foods that pack a lot of protein. Protein bars are a staple for me. These were bigger than I thought and more calories BUT the taste is amazing and packs some good protein @ 25 g. Definitely worth sampling for sure!

My favorite Protein Bars

I love all the bars, but my favorites are Cranberry Orange and Lemon Poppyseed. Best bars on the market by far!!

Delicious and great for you

C1 bars are top notch. Great flavor, and clean for those who want perfect fuel to train, or just as a meal replacement.

love them!

Ive tried all the flavors and the blueberry ginger is by far my favorite. Sometimes the bars seem very dry, but the flavors are all delicious.

8 Bar Variety Pack
Jaime George
Awesome Fuel

We recently went backpacking in the mountains and these are the easiest to have for good clean fuel.

Great tasting

These are the best tasting and nutritious bars I ever had. Pick yourself up some you won’t regret it


Top notch product!!’

Great Flavor!!!

A protein bar with great ingredients and fantastic flavor. Hard to match this great combination. A great way to get a high quality meal in a hurry. A great addition to a sound nutritional program!

Best meal replacement bars

I've been using condition one bars for a while now and they always are very moist and taste great. I receive them in a timely manner following order placement. Awesome company to do business with. The bars are adequate for a meal replacement and I am always satisfied.

Cranberry Orange High-Protein Bars

Fantastic bars!

Cranberry Orange are my favorite! I have tried all of their bars, and this is one of my favorites. These are great to take with you or a meal replacement.

Best taste , Most nutrition in one bar!

One kind of their bars tastes better then the last. You will miss out if you don't buy a few.


These bars have great taste and are very satisfying. Excellent for long distant biking.


We all love these bars! Family favorites are the chocolate & the new orange cranberry. We also love that the price is very reasonable & quality of ingredients are top notch.