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Just enough sweet to curb cravings, and knowing it’s good for me, leaves me with zero guilt.


I love these bars!

Excellent protein bars

Some of the best protein bars on the market. Great flavors and real ingredients

Perfect meal replacement

All natural and keeps me full. Great stuff!

Great snack

8 Bar Variety Pack
Shelly Webb
Great bars

Love all the flavors, and the energy I get from these bars.

Peanut butter bars rock!!

Sooo good!! Love when bars this good are that good for you. It makes it a no Brainerd when looking for a nutritional bar.

8 Bar Variety Pack
James Janiszcak
Open your mind

Pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of the bar. For me it truly was a meal replacement.
And the quality of the ingredients is second to none.

First purchase, initial impressions

My bars are very fresh and very tasty. At $5 per bar, they are expensive.

Worth the wait

Been wanting to try these bars for a while now thanks to many recommendations. Living overseas it took a while for the bars to arrive but once they did they’re well worth the wait. Getting them sooner could mean they reach me a little fresher but overall I’m happy. I’ll re order for sure.

8 Bar Variety Pack
michael gulla
Great product and service.

Arrived quick. Bars taste great. Great for backcountry trips for high cal intake

So yummy and filling!

These are my favorite!! They taste amazing and keep me full for hours. I generally eat for breakfast or use as an afternoon pick me up!

Great Meal Replacement

I eat 2 of these bars on the way to work every morning. They supply me plenty of protein, fiber, and calories to keep me full for hours. Some of the best protein bars on the market hands down !

Cranberry Orange High-Protein Bars

Excellent product

Well made, fresh tasting. Great choice as a meal replacement or big snack. Will continue to be a customer!

8 Bar Variety Pack
Hall Williams
c. one bars

I ordered a varity pack and they are really good! i'll be ordering more.


All the bars are very good and filling, but three of them were very dry. Shared them with my wife. Apple cinnamon is our favorite.

Perfect for breakfast

Perfect bar for breakfast on the go.

Really good

I’ve tried all the flavors and the apple cinnamon and peanut butter chocolate are the best in my opinion. Not only for flavor purposes but texture. Many of the bars are pretty hard and dry but apple cinnamon is DELICIOUS AND MOIST. Chocolate peanut butter is not far behind.

Great pre workout meal

This is my go to pre workout meal. I say meal and not a bar because it has a solid nutrition ratio of protein, fats and carbs. The taste is great and digests very nicely. No stomach bloat or other issues.

Cranberry Orange High-Protein Bars

Great Tasting Bars!

These bars are the perfect healthy and great tasting snack!

Easy on my belly!

I'm an old athlete and have been through many bars. I love the C1 bars because they are easy on my belly and truly can be a meal replacement as they are satisfyingly filling. Great to have in your pack hiking and skiing. Think the lemon is my favorite.

I'm Enjoying the PB Chocolate HPBs

The Peanut Butter Chocolate High-Protein Bars are giving me what I need. They're filing in the gap when a full meal isn't available. I love getting the Warrior Discount...that sealed the deal for me

Excellent Bars

I’ve tried several brands of bars and none compare to the variety and flavor of C1 Nutrition! Blueberry is my favorite, but all are excellent.