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Great meal replacement

Excellent taste

Honorable and delicious

I received the wrong flavor in a auto ship when I notified C1 the sent the right flavor ASAP. Thank you for the great bars and taking care of the issue promptly.

Tastes like Blueberry Ginger crumbcake

Tastes like Blueberry 🫐 Ginger crumbcake with a bit of an oaty feel.

Way More Bar then I was Expecting!

First impression was too big. Then I had one. Not super filling and tasty. Its a solid snack to keep you moving and not weigh you down. I "was" a Cliff bar guy. Think that is about to change.


They taste amazing! It’s a guilt free health option that also helps with any cravings for sweet treats!

Great taste, natural ingredients

I was skeptical, but I really enjoy these. They are more calories than most protein bars, but actually do serve as a real meal replacement.

Tastes great but...

Package is tough to open. Do you really need the label to have adhesive on the complete surface?

Moist Filling

One the most filling and freshest protein bars in a package I have found. Well done.

Fabula licious

The lemon poppyseed protein bars are the best bars I have ever had. I have tried so many different protein bars this is by far the best I have ever eaten. I will continue to order from condition one they are my favorite place to order delicious high-protein meal replacement anything bars.

Great tasting protein bars

Lemon poppy seed and Blueberry Ginger bars are Delicious

Umm mmm good

The bars were delicious. I loved every single one.

New Go To!

A bit skeptical after trying so many bars, but these did not disappoint in the least. Amazing texture and taste. It tastes fresh, not mass produced like many others. Definitely will be subscription customer going forward.

Sampler pack

I gave this 4 stars because I thought 2 flavors were amazing (lemon and blueberry ginger) but the other two flavors were a bit dry and not quite as tasty to me. All were extremely filling and nutrient packed. Plus I love supporting fellow veterans!

Delicious and filling

What a great product. I am trying to figure out my favorite flavor and that is hard, which is a good thing. That means they are all good. I love the texture as it is like a soft cookie, definitely a good meal replacement. Highly suggest these!!!

Finally! Good tasting protein bars!

I’ve been using these protein bars for about 3-4 months as breakfast or a snack. They taste SO good and are filling - no flavored chalk here! My favorite flavor is probably the blueberry ginger but I’ve tried them all and they are all delicious!

Delicious Bars

The bars truly taste like a dessert, but are packed with protein!

Sample Package

Best bars on the market! Excellent flavors and superior quality ingredients. Definitely a returning costumer!


Great taste, great flavors, no complaints. Will be ordering more


I live a very busy fast paced lifestyle and I was looking for a meal replacement bar when I’m on the go and traveling and this answer the call.


Well done

Great Bars. Very tasty and convenient. I will be buying more in the future.

Love these bars!!

These bars are packed with nutrients, fast amazing, and are a hearty meal in your hand.

Love these.

I use these as file while hiking. A really easy way to get some good energy while on the trail.

Fabulous protein

Condition one are the best protein bars I have ever eaten. I have tried lots and lots of different protein bars but these by far are the best I have ever eaten I will continue to order from condition one. They are prompt they are delicious I can’t say enough about them.

Condition 1

Bars were fresh and filling. Favorite was the lemon poppy. Hit the hungry spot after a good 35 mile bike ride. Other samplers were very tasty as well. Excellent for after a good workout.