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Big helper in my diet journey

I have been trying to drop weight but it had been hard with the cravings and calorie counting but since I started eating condition one bars I feel full and feel energized during my workout sessions and above all they taste good specially lemon poppy seed is my fav. Only minor complain is they are pricey and for lot of people it's hard to spend that kind of money.

8 Bar Variety Pack
Gregory Fleming
The Charge of the Light Brigade

They may be pricey
But they are also tasty
And filling as well


All four flavors tasted great!

best bars ever!

I have been in search of a healthy bar for years. These are delicious and filling with no junk ingredients

Love lemon! My fav!

Apple Cinnamon High-Protein Bars

8 Bar Variety Pack
Brett Floyd
Amazing fresh taste

You can tell every bar is fresh and contained clean ingredients. They are a little pricier but worth the quality. All the flavors are good and I hope they release more as they expand.

Huge success

Well, I had 1/2 of the blueberry bar before my puppy decided to table surf and eat all but the chocolate one. I loved the blueberry morsel I ate and look forward to tasting the Choco tomorrow. #OhPhoebe

Great product

It is one of my favorites. Gotta say the apples and blueberries on the condition one bars are ridiculously fresh.

Best All Around Bar

Excellent taste, quality ingredients and great company. At first I was a little hesitant to order these bars given the steaper price point but your 100% getting what you pay for. Was looking for a bar with clean ingredients, high protein and the fact these are American made, it was a no brainer

Condition One Bar

Awesome bars


I have one of the bars in the morning and I'm ready to go and don't look for anything else to eat.

Sample Pack of High-Protein Bars


Thank you for making such a delicious bar with clean ingredients! I'm crazy for the Lemon Poppyseed --- it's my new go-to and favorite!!!

Like No Other Bar

I really love the lemony taste of this bar. They're all great but this one really stands out. It's like a lemon poppyseed muffin that you'd get at a coffee place except it doesn't have all the sugar and empty carbs that this has. I feel full and satisfied after eating just one and don't get the jitters from the rush of sugar and starch that a coffee shop muffin would normally give me.

Clean bars

These bars were great!! You could tell the ingredients were clean and healthy. The bars are also very filling!


First time that I've had meal replacement bars help me feel full for hours. I enjoyed all of the flavors, which I didn't think I'd be able to say (there has to be at least one that I wouldn't like, right?). Excellent product, will definitely continue to use.

Firs time customer

I was really surprised with the overall taste of the Condition 1 bars, even though they contain ingredients that I usually tend to shy away from, however all 4 flavors of the bars were very enjoyable. Will definitely continue to purchase them.

Awesome bars!

Way better than clif bars and better balanced!

Super delicious


I liked the bars, the flavors so so, i will purchase again.

New favorite protein bars!!!

These bars are perfect for my training days. I fight in the UFC and whether I need a snack to get me through tough training or meal replacement bars for weight cuts, these do the trick! Forever customer!

Excellent! Tasty, clean ingredients, and filling!

I purchased the sample pack. Loved each flavor besides the chocolate(perhaps a little too chalky for me). Nevertheless, my sample pack was gone too soon. I will be purchasing again very soon!

Great Bars!

Very filling, great taste. Good fuel for pre workout nutrition…I liked the sampler box


Rich, filling bars!