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Condition one Bars

The bars are not moust at all. With these bars it is imperative that you have something to drink with it, they taste good and are very dense which I'm not complaining but condition one needs to work on making the bars moist, I mean the bars already look and taste like cake they might as well be moist like cake 🎂

Best Yet!

I love this new flavor! I am a huge fan of all of them but this is one of my favorites now. I love the tanginess and the cranberry pieces. It’s very moist as well. It’s such a great protein bar and I can’t wait for what may be next.

My new favorite flavor

Thank you!


I’ve tried all the protein bars..ALL ARE WONDERFUL ‼️‼️Re ordered twice😋

Near Perfect

Delicious. Blueberry Ginger is moist and filling. Perfect on the go meal replacement

Best Bars

Hands down the best bars I’ve ever had. Love the texture and taste.

Totally different than any other health bar

I ordered this variety pack and have eaten one of these for breakfast the last four days. They’re delicious, nutritious, gentle on the stomach, and have been helping me for some personal physical recovery needs. I ordered a ton more, stoked to try other flavors. I was sus of the price but Rudy Reyes has a promo code I used initially and I’m glad I did. Usually I don’t f with poppyseed but even that one was tasty.

Must try

I tried the 4 pack sample box and they did not disappoint. My favorite flavor by far was the lemon poppyseed. So good!! Besides the taste being great on these, I could tell they were great quality and were very filling. I will definitely buy again.

Great Product

Great product

Bars are amazing

These bars are so delicious and filling I actually cut them in half to enjoy now and some later. Can’t wait to try the cranberry orange flavor!

I love the cranberry orange flavor

This became my favorite flavor. I love the tangyness of it. It's an elevated flavor over the standard flavors generally used.

Great tasting product!

This is a perfect option for a meal replacement when you're on the go. Our family loves this flavor!


Best bars

Love these bars!

These bars taste great and keep me full for hours. Great for on the run and post workout

Lemon poppy seed

I decided to purchase the lemon poppy seed flavor to switch things up as I usually always go for the blueberry ginger. I have to say I am very happy with my decision to try a new flavor! It is so refreshing especially now in the warmer weather! This flavor has just the right amount of lemon to it that is not super overpowering!
I will be purchasing this flavor in the future !

Protein Joy

Love the flavors and textures! I honestly don’t feel like I am eating a protein bar!

Best Bar - whole nutrition

Condition One is our family's preferred bar. I use them on task for volunteer SAR, because I know I'm getting good calories, with a mix of whole-food sourced proteins, carbs and fats. Our high-schooler gets that same nutrition for on-the-go snacks, and my wife and I appreciate the fresh-baked lack of preservatives. I re-order them as soon as we run low. The chocolate-coconut and lemon-poppy seed bars are our son's favorites and the blueberry-ginger is mine. Enjoy!

These bars are really good.

A nutritious and tasty way to start the day!

While I am partial to Apple Cinnamon the Blueberry Ginger is a solid alternative to add some variety to the mix. Goes great with morning coffee! An excellent way to start to fueling up for the day.

Big flavor big gains

These are a life saver in between meals & on the go. Great quality, huge flavor, no more nasty subpar protein bars! Recommending to all my pilot buddies asap!

Off the hook!

We love all the flavors to the point out subscription contains 4 diffentvbars. Then we tried the new Cranberry-Orange bar..... and it's EXCELLENT. My favorite flavor so far, after my first bite I immediately upped my subscription to the 10 bar box. Keep 'em coming

Sample pack

Very delicious and satisfying!

All delicious!

I had someone give me one of these bars. I loved it so much I immediately went to purchase the variety pack and let me tell you I have not been disappointed by any of the flavors! They are all so good! Can’t wait to order more. Apart from the taste they have a solid amount of protein and are particularly helpful on long hikes when you need something to keep your energy up

Tastes great

These bars definitely did the trick. It's nice to have a protein bar that is filling, healthy, and tasty.

8 Bar Variety Pack
Chris Clark

These things are absolutely great. They are a bit dry, however, i will be getting more immediately. Good nutrition, taste and flavor.