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My second order

I saw an add for this product and thought I’d give it a try. Was pleasantly pleased not only at the taste but how it satisfied my hunger as well. I’ll sometimes eat one for breakfast or lunch when on the go. Just received the second order and will certainly reorder when these run low.

Maple Pumpkin Pecan Protein Bars

Great taste and consistency is not on the chewy side like most others - also does not have that medicinal aftertaste - wife even likes them


Good tasting & satisfying. Dry & breaks apart. All the flavors were good.


Cranberry Orange is pretty darn good. It’s found a permanent place in my kit. If you like Cranberry Orange, try it.

Good but dry.

The bars are tasty, however they are dry. But for the healthy benefits and a meal on the go, compared to other bars, I’d give it an 8 out of 10.

Meal Replacement with Taste

This bar is filling, fulfilling and tastes great!


Taste good. Nice portion size for 300 cals per meal. Warm some of them up for less dry taset. Will be back for more.

Best Protean Bars around

you have by far the best protean bars around and very quick delivery and awesome customer service, I am very please and happy to us your products:)

To many Carbs for me - the wife doesn’t like them



Peanut Butter Chocolate High-Protein Bars


Definitely something you need to try will fill you up really well with healthy delicious flavors that truly taste fresh. Get some!

Satisfying wholesome bar!

This bar has tastes good, good chewability not gummy or pasty. It’s fresh and fills you up- I will buy again.

Protein packed and healthy ingredients in a decent tasting bar

I purchased the 4 bar variety pack to try different flavors at once. I like that this bar is high protein since I'm trying to increase my protein intake, but there's only so much meat or smoothies I want to consume. The ingredients listed are also healthy. It definitely satisfies your hunger and keeps you full, which I really appreciate. It's a decent tasting protein bar. Pros: it doesn't taste gross like most other protein bars. Cons: the bar is on the dry side. Recommend.


Love having these bars for breakfast on the go and having enough calories to last me throughout the morning.

Great Sample Pack

Very much enjoyed all four sample packs.

Excellent Flavor

These bars taste great, much more like a real pastry than a protein bar. Substantial enough to be a meal on the go.

C1 is the One for High-Protein Bars.

C1- High-Protein Bars are the go-to-nutrition bars of today. No BS!! Just wholesome ingredients that keep you going for any kind of physical exercise.

Best Protein/meal bars out

Hands down Best Protein/meal bars I've ever had. These are perfect for me and my line of work. In landscaping time is money and you don't always have the luxury to stop what your doing to go get food somewhere. These are quick and easy to eat plus they are packed full of all the things I need to fuel up and get through the day. Some people have said the bars are a little dry but hey, drink some water, it's good for you. I discovered these bars through following rudy reyes on Instagram and im so glad I did. Also veteran owned. Whats not to love? I'll be a customer for life for sure.

Great post workout!

These bars have enough calories to get me out of a tight spot in the day, they don't bother my stomach and they taste good. I'm buying another box!

8 Bar Variety Pack
Best meal replacement bar on the market!

The bars are always fresh and my son loves them. He is always on the go whether it's the gym, hockey practice or just a meal on the go.

Consistent breakfast option

The blueberry ginger, is my favorite go to breakfast option. Whether I get right to work in the office or get a workout in this keeps me going for 3+ hours…no sugar/carbs crash or hunger distractions!

Maple pumpkin pecan high protein bars

Awesome! Hard to believe they are protein bars,,,,they taste like a desert 😋

Best bars

By far these are the best bars on the market! If you’re browsing and are in decisive! Don’t be make that purchase and enjoy !

Best Protein Bar Ever!

I tried the maple pumpkin pecan bars a year ago and was immediately sold! I worked hard to stretch the box of 6 for as long as I possibly could knowing that it probably wouldn’t be available again until the fall. So when I received an email notifying me that that flavor was being offered again I IMMEDIATELY ordered another box! Thank you for making a very high-quality, long lasting, & extremely tasty protein bar. Please keep it up! Everything other protein bar out there pales in comparison in my opinion!!! Signed, Dale Walters, A VERY satisfied repeat customer!