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Will buy again

I ordered the sample pack to taste-test for backpacking. These will fit the bill. Consistency is good (not too space-food homogenous) and not too sweet. Satisfying and sticks to the ribs.

New go to bar!

My wife and I are proud supporters of those that have supported us and our country so it was logical to at least give these bars a shot for that reason alone, not to mention we care about what we put in our own system, so the realness and simplicity of these bars sounded attractive. Ordered the sample pack so we could taste all the flavors in the event we wanted to re-order, we'd know our preference. Best bar ever and over the years we have tried countless bars being active triathletes to Crossfit to going hard this past year in our garage gym to non-stop work, meetings, conference calls and needing that quick fix meal for fuel. Texture and taste are great as well and feels like a healthy small meal. Sits great on the stomach even if just before or after a workout and body just responds well to the fuel. Best by far, quality ingredients equates to quality output in energy and performance for us. Blueberry Ginger and Lemon Poppy Seed are favorites. Grateful for these bars and the service of those behind their creation!

Great taste

I enjoyed the taste and it filled me up when I ate it with a glass of water

These bars are delicious!

I’ve tried many (so many) different protein bars over the years and never had ones like this! They are fresh, chewy, & filling. I’m in love!

Best bar ever

I cannot even describe how delicious your bars are. Perfect anytime of day. Thank you for creating such a great bar for flavor and protein!

Best protein bar ever

So delish and filling. I will keep buying them

Best protien bar I’ve ever had

These bars are everything I’ve been looking for. Great macros, clean energy and ingredients and all natural. It’s the only protien bar I will eat from now on!

Protein Bars

Taste good you can tell it’s quality ingredients. make sure you have a drink on hand filling but without protein bloat

Lemon Poppy Seed High Protein Bars

Absolutely delicious!! The perfect bar to eat after a workout.

Best Tasting Bars Ever

These bars taste amazing and don’t leave me hungry. I used to eat quest bars almost everyday, but now I’ve switched to C1 and am never going back.

Sample pack

Tasty and nutritious

Love these bars!

Each bar I think it will be the best tasting g- until I try the next! All so delicious and wholesome. Great to take with you on a hike. I also cut them in smaller pieces for healthy balanced pick me ups through out the day! Def will order again!

The best bars ever !

Delicious & filling!

These bars are delicious. They keep my hunger satisfied for hours. Very impressed with all the flavors!

Pretty good protein bars

Pretty good protein bars. I've tried a lot of bars and these don't have that weird aftertaste. I ate these for breakfast and they were filling.

Delicious! No upset stomach and they taste freshly baked!

Very Tasty

Got 2 flavors in these and both are fantastic! Work great as a meal replacement or as a healthy snack! I highly recommend them!

Delicious and Very filling.

I am in love with these protein bars.They taste wonderful and fill you up for a while.I usually eat one after a hard workout or as an afternoon snack.

Best protein bars ever

All natural ingredients, great taste, and always shipped fresh.

great bars

These bars are terrific. I eat them with my morning coffee as a snack or even a meal replacement. They are very substantial and great tasting!


Tried my very first Condition One bar on a 9-mile hill trail yesterday. I’m a 61-yr old Air Force woman veteran and run Spartan races. Been trail running and hiking for a few years now. I’ve tasted lots of other bars and they’ve all fallen short. Decided to try Condition One so I ordered the sample pack. For this run, I cut the bar into small squares as fuel consumption along the route. Only used half the bar because it did an EXCELLENT job of sustaining energy levels. No stomach issues either. The taste (lemon poppyseed) was absolutely yummy. Can’t wait to try the other flavours. My opinion, it’s the best tasting bar I’ve tried. Will definitely be purchasing again! Well done Condition One!!!!!

Apple Cinnamon High-Protein Bars

Great taste and very full

The bars taste great and they really feel almost like a meal!


I love all the flavors but this one is my favorite. I love anything ginger.


Obsessed! My husband and I love the Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry ginger. Perfect for a quick breakfast or snack to hold you over! Plus they taste amazing. 10/10