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First timer

I was cautious but they were great! I eat pretty organic and these were great. The flavors are super obvious and you tasted everything in the bar. I highly recommend

Can't get enough of it!!!

I just really cannot get enough of the Apple Cinnamon bars!!! These are now officially my go to bars for snacks, meals, and even protein!!!

Simply Delicious

Not your average protein bar, no grit taste, really a great bar. Very good, would highly recommend Condition One protein bars.

These are delicious

Hands down the most satisfying high energy, protein bar I've ever had.
Excellent for pre or post workouts.

Sooo good!!!

We love the power bars unfortunately you gave us a sample of the apple/cinnamon and we loved that one the best. I know what I will be ordering next!
Don McNamara

Great breakfast replacement

I have this for breakfast regularly and it tastes so good and gives me 25 grams of protein each time!

8 Bar Variety Pack
Jeremy Peters

So good and filling

Maple pumpkin pecan bar..

Best bar I’ve ever had

Best Bars Ever! ❤️

I have tried so many protein bars over the years. These are the best bars ever!

Super tasty, I'll probably order again.

This thing is big and heavy. They said it's basically a meal replacement bar and they're basically spot on. I almost struggle to finish this thing and I can put down some food. Now it's not SUPER sweet, the chocolate part is just a tiny bit bitter, not like pure dark chocolate bitter but honestly that adds to the flavor. It really just feels like eating a piece of chocolate cake with no icing. The bottom part with the granola and whatnot is delicious and you could tell some real love went into making it. Now I've got 2 negatives and both of them are really minor. First off the packaging of the bars themselves is a little annoying to get into, secondly is the price, these things ain't cheap, but if you want American made products made with REAL food you're just gonna be stuck paying a little more. But if the biggest gripes I've got is packaging and price then you're looking pretty good, give these a try you won't regret it.

8 Bar Variety Pack
Best bar I have found

Not overly sweet, and also with a pleasant texture and some nuanced flavor, I have tried so many protein bars, this by far the best.


The apple cinnamon bar, so far was the best I've had. Sweat but not over done, moist and chewy, was kinda sad when I took the last bite. Will definitely get more of this one.

They're Great!

The Chocolate Coconut Almond bar is good, real good but the Lemon Poppy Seed bar is better. I think they use Angel tears with the lemon.


Great flavor and texture, like a real baked dessert but healthier 10 out of 10

Delicious protein bars

Not your average protein bar. Natural ingredients and absolutely delicious and filling. Love having this for breakfast on the go or mid day snack.

Great product to fuel your activities

Almost sad I found these

Can't say enough good things about these bars. I've already recommended them to all my friends and found a way to eat two boxes in less than 10 days. So in a sense, love them, but also hate that I found a new addiction! 10/10

My favorite so far

All the bars are good but my favorites are the pumpkin and the lemon poppyseed!!

Best protein bar on the market


8 Bar Variety Pack
Ellen Pursell
Great taste!

So glad I tried these! So fantastic!

The Maple Pumpkin Pecan is by far the best with the Blueberry Ginger as a close second. Great taste 😀

Maple Pumpkin Pecan

Got the Maple Pumpkin Pecan and ate them all. I have always enjoyed maple syrup and pecan pie and those flavors came through in a big way in the Condition One bars!

8 Bar Variety Pack
Kent McDougal

Great taste, and very filling. Taste like real food, love the lemon poppyseed

One of a kind

Awesome ingredients no palm oil just the best

Love these bars!

Lemon Poppy have quickly become my favorite flavor. I cut them in half to have two snacks (mid morning, and post workout) . Worth every penny.