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"When you do today’s circuit, that post workout snack becomes just as important as your workout. My go-to is a Condition One bar because it is packed with high-quality macros and one ingredient foods.”

Jen Widerstrom

Fitness Coach

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Experience The Power Of REAL FOOD...

Originally created for Special OPs and military soldiers, C1 bars are made with REAL FOOD to keep your brain and body functioning at peak performance.

Jam-Packed With 20+Superfoods & Micronutrients…


Oats are incredibly nutritious. They’re overloaded with antioxidants (including avenanthramides, which add extra protection against skin irritation, heart disease, and more). Plus, Oats have a powerful soluble fiber called Beta-Glucan that enhances your cholesterol levels and boosts your heart health. And if all this wasn’t enough for you, oats can increase your blood sugar control.


Just ONE almond contains a massive amount of nutrients, monounsaturated fats, fiber and protein! Not to mention their overflow of antioxidants, as well. Almonds have a skyrocketing amount of Vitamin E, B2 (riboflavin), and phosphorus. Other nutrients almonds have include Manganese (which improves bone health) and Magnesium, which lowers blood pressure, inflammation, and even depression!


Coconut Oil is packed with tons of benefits on it’s own. Coconut oil helps you lower your cholesterol AND lose weight. While this oil is notorious for moisturizing skin, it can increase brain function and health. Coconut oil can also kill bacteria, viruses, and even fungi.


Eggs are another nutrient powerhouse we’ve included in our ingredients. Eggs have an overabundance in nutrients like betaine and choline that improve heart health. Known for it’s generous source of Vitamin D, eggs can protect your bones while preventing conditions like rickets and osteoporosis. Eggs can also help manage your weight by curbing fits of hunger and cravings


Flaxseed is full of omega-3 fats. It’s also a rich source of Lignans, which have been said to help reduce your risk of cancer. And because flaxseed is rich in dietary fiber, it can help improve cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and even keep your hunger at bay. Allowing you to manage your weight (and lose a couple pounds, too).


Brown rice is a highly nutritious, gluten-free grain that contains an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals and beneficial compounds. Consuming whole grains like brown rice can help prevent or improve several health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease.

NO Chalky Texture or Aftertaste

NO Sugar Rushes or Crashes

NO GMOs or Artificial Ingredients

Our Battle-Tested Optimal Performance Formula

We’re Better Than Our Competitors

Each Purchase Supports Veteran Non-Profits

Our mission is to give back and help support our veteran community, which is why we donate a portion of our profits to veteran-run nonprofits.

As you fuel your body, you fill our cause. Help us complete our mission. Go Condition One!


Will YOU be next?


Rudy Reyes, Star of HBO’s hit miniseries, Generation Kill, and former reconnaissance Marine-turned actor and model is an ambassador for the brand.


Ashley Horner: fitness celebrity, hybrid athlete, professional fitness competitor, ultra-runner, triathlete, entrepreneur. Eats C1 Bars as a gluten-free option


Marine veteran Thomas Karlick, who ate only Condition One energy bars while he ran the grueling 163-mile Trans-Pecos Ultra race last year. Karlick finished in first place with a time of 39 hours, 51 minutes.


I seriously feel like Im eating a homemade brownie or slice of cake. I don't even feel like I am eating a Protein Bar. Straight 100 % one of the most legit protein bars I have ever ate. I am a foodie, I blog on food, and I will straight up say if it was garbage.... but OMG.... now I must check out your other flavors. Chocolate coconut Almond is amazing! I am looking forward to trying more!

David McKay

These bars are amazing. Not only great for you and all natural, but 25 grams of protein. and Did I mention that they are the best that I have ever had. I could live on these.

Simon B

I've ordered all 4 flavors! My favorite was the Pumpkin Pecan that was a limited batch, that being said, they're all great flavors and I eat the regularly instead of eating a MRE in the field.. good jobs you guys, and bring back the Pumpkin!

Diane Kroe

For about the same price as one burger from McDonald's a Condition One bar is far more nutritious with high protein, low sugar, natural ingredients and it tastes great - what more do you want ? PLUS, when you buy them you help support our Veterans!

Vanessa H

These are the best protein bars I have ever!!! Every other protein bar I have had to choke down, but these I could eat this all the time! They may be a little more expensive but the quality and the fact that part of the profits are donated towards veterans out weighs the extra cost and the taste!


Health food bars are good for you but the majority of them are either way too sweet or taste like cardboard. Condition One bars are both nutritious AND delicious. Luv 'em!

Johnny K


Are Condition One bars high in protein?

Yes! We pack 25 grams of protein into every bar!

Who are Condition One bars for?

Condition One Bars are for active people that understand the importance of quality nutrition in achieving their fitness and performance goals.

What is the shelf life of your bars?

All our bars are made fresh to order, however, for the best experience, our bars should be consumed by the BEST BY date printed on each wrapper.

Do Condition One bars need to be refrigerated?

No. All of our bars are baked fresh, so there is no need to refrigerate them.

Do you use preservatives in your bars?

No. All of our bars are preservative free.

Where are your bars made?

Right here in the USA!

Are Condition One bars gluten free?

Yes! Our bars are gluten free.

Where do you ship to?

We ship nationwide including Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/FPO addresses. We do not currently ship internationally.

What does Order-Bake-Ship mean?

Once you place your order on our site, we'll bake your bars fresh to order and ship them directly to you.