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Looking for tips for getting started?

We recognize that success for us in this program also means success for you, so below you will find some resources and tips for optimizing your influencer network.

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OPtimize your commissions

There are lots of great strategies for earning commisions. Remember that you get commissions not only when people click your referral link but also when they use your discount code. Here are some tips for sharing your referral link and discount code:

1) Include us in your Linktree lists

If you don't already use a service like Linktree, we highly recommend you start! This allows you to include a singular link in your social media profiles which contains a list of links relevant to you. This means you can link to websites, resources, stores, etc that are relevant to your following without having to constantly update the link in your bio. It's free to use and you can signup here.

There are a few other companies that offer the same service and if you have your own website, you can even create your own landing page, which contains all the links.

Once you're setup, include your referral link in your list of links. Then all you have to do when making a post is tell people to check your link in bio for more details!

2) Selling in person?

A lot of you might have in person referrals you want to make. If you create a business card with your link and discount code on it, then you can hand these out to people in person so they don't forget your discount code.

Similarly, you can also create a QR code that you can store on your phone or also print on a card. This allows you to instantly pull up your code for people to scan with their phones which opens your referral link. If they make a purchase within 30 days, you'll get a commission!

If you're unfamiliar with QR codes, they are those crazy UPC looking squares you see more and more. They can be scanned with your phone using a QR reader (newer phones can scan these codes just from the camera app). They allow anyone to scan the QR code which opens up the website link on their phone.
Learn more at qr-code-generator.com

3) Create the perfect sales pitch

People listen to your recomendations because they trust your honest opinion. If you're making a video about C1 bars or telling a friend about the bars, tell them what you love about C1 and why you think it would be a good fit in their lives.

There's a tab below to learn more about key selling points, what makes Condition One unique, and how we aim to be the best nutrition bar on the market.

4) Monitor your analytics

When you login to your dashboard above, you will get access to an awesome analytics dashboard which shows you how many people are clicking your links and how often you make a sale. Use this to determine what types of referrals are making the most sales and optimize your sales pitch.

Content Creation

Create Engaging Content

Creating authentic content is important, but it also has to look good and be entertaining to break through the internet noise we've become so immune to. Good content creation is critical to receive favor from the algorithm gods. Here are some tips for creating better content.

On a side note, we're actively looking for quality content creators. If you make awesome content that you're tagging us in, then expect us to reach out with some more offers and incentives to create more content for our brand. We also repost the best content on our social media channels, and we'll always tag you to help grow your following.

The algorithm loves short videos

TikTok has completely changed the name of the game for all social media apps with everyone trying to catch up. The format of vertical videos under 60 seconds created by TikTok is now strongly favored on both Instagram (Reels) and YouTube (Shorts). The alogrithms also favor fast-paced entertaining videos. If people scroll past without watching or engaging with your video, then it will never be "fed" into the algorithm. (Maybe the algorithms need C1 bars 😉)

At the end of the day, keep videos short and sweet. Edit out any long periods of pauses or when nothing is happening, which will make people keep scrolling. Use music that matches the video. Make sure any audio of you talking is clear. YouTube is a great resources for tips on making awesome vertical video content!


Photos are also another option, and some of our top earning ambassadors create sales just from photo content. We also repost a lot of photos! Here are some examples of the type of photo content we're looking for. At the end of the day, keep it on brand with yourself and have fun!

C1 Selling Points

What makes our bars unique

If you're this far into it, you probably already have a growing list of why you love Condition One bars. But just in case you're looking for more reasons, here are some unique talking points about C1 that we always love highlighting.


We bake C1 bars daily to ensure that our bars arrive on-demand and as fresh as possible.

Powerful Ingredients

We offer one of the cleanest nutrition bars on the market. C1 bars are filled with non-GMO, organic ingredients which are gluten and soy free. Formulated w/ high-quality cold-processed whey protein. For more information on what goes into our bars, check out our Nutrition page.

Meal Replacement

C1 bars are packed with super foods, contain 25g of protein, and have 380 calories, making it the only bar that can truely claim to be a meal replacement. What's more is the calories will actually keep you full without dragging you down making it an optimial fuel source for your adventures!

Veteran Owned & Operated 🇺🇸

Unimpressed by over-processed sports bars that couldn’t sustain him under the rigorous conditions of a combat zone, Matt Demaio, our founder and CEO, conceived the idea for Condition One while deployed as a US Marine.

Portion of Profits support veteran run non-profits

Condition One Nutrition is built on the same values as the brave people who serve our country. Our mission is to give back and help support our veteran community, which is why we donate a portion of our profits to veteran-run nonprofits.

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We're also working on an FAQ section as more questions arise but more technical questions about the program can be answered by reviewing the program's Terms & Conditions page.