Chatting with Meredith Burns about Healthy Fats

September 10, 2020

Info about Meredith Burns

Meredith joined the United States Navy right out of high school, and after some struggled with drugs and alcohol, she found solace in exercise! In the past 11 years of being dedicated to fitness, Meredith has hired coaches, trained like a beast, and competed in 4 bodybuilding and 1 powerlifting show. While she has had a blast competing, Meredith says her current focuses are staying happy and healthy, spending time with her son, and training her clients for her online business for custom lifestyle coaching.

When it comes to our diets, why is fat actually important, and why do we need it?

“If you get healthy fats like the EPA and DHA that is so good for your brain; it helps with cognitive function, and it actually helps with your metabolism. It’s great for your digestive system and gut health, great for inflammation, and great for your joints.

“It also gives you energy. If you use fats in a timely manner throughout your day and utilize it as a tool, they can be really good for your health all around.

“There are so many benefits to fat, and I think just the word fat scares people.”

Why do you think people are afraid of consuming fats? How do you think that our consumer culture plays into that negativity?

“I don’t think people know the difference between fat and saturated fat. They’re two completely different ball games, and you also have to have a good balance of fats, but I think it’s the way it’s promoted through the media in general. Even being a kid like watching my mom being worried about her weight, and she was like ‘well, I gotta watch the fat,’ but she wasn’t watching out for the right fat.

“Fat in an avocado is great for you, but if you have fat in a dressing, even when it says fat-free, it’s still not necessarily good for you or fat-free.

Speaking of fat-free, do you recommend that people trying to live a healthy lifestyle consume fat-free products or stick to the regular stuff in moderation?

“I push the regular stuff in moderation. Even though it says fat-free, it’s still processed, and if anything it’s more processed because they substitute the fat with sugar or another substance, and that substance is probably worse for you than just having regular fat.

“Take mayonnaise for example: I would rather have someone use mayonnaise in moderation over something like Miracle Whip. Miracle Whip is just so sweet and bleh. You can tell that there’s more sugar in it versus fat. People don’t really know that when you take something out, you have to replace it with something else in order to make that product work.”

What are your favorite ways to consume healthy fat?

Avocados, nut butter, nuts, fish, sunflower seeds, shaved almonds

"I’ve always loved eating Condition One, and I don’t feel bad eating it. Other protein bars have always upset my stomach, and not one time with this protein bar have I ever eaten it and just not felt good after.”

Photo: @cjpewpew

Healthy fats are a big part of Condition One’s ingredient list. When do you find our bars most useful?

“I usually use them for a really high intense day. I’ll eat them 30-45 minutes before a workout, and it just gives me nice clean energy.

“If I go hiking, or I’m at the beach with my son and running around and playing, or just being outside in general, you burn out, and it’s my go-to snack.

“I also use it as a sweet tooth craving kicker. I like to mix it with my Greek yogurt. I’ve also put it in my Halo Top ice cream. I don’t even feel like I’m cheating. Having all the good healthy fats, good protein, good balanced carbs, it’s just a great protein bar compared to all the others ones. I don’t feel guilty, and I know that there’s nothing in it that’s going to set me back when it comes to me cutting or dieting."

To close, Meredith recalls a time that she wishes she really had some C1 bars.

“When I was in Japan I was actually hiking Mount Fuji, and I grabbed a bunch of Quest bars. By the time I was up at the top, I felt so sick, and I knew it was no other reason except those protein bars, and I haven’t eaten them since.

“Condition One bars aren’t processed. They’re all organic. Other bars are super processed-on the shelves fast. I would 100% go for a Condition One bar than the other bar.”


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